Are You Doing Construction Work? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know About Turbidity Barriers

Oil spill response equipment

Are you going to be working on a construction site soon that is near a body of water? Here are a few important facts that you need to know about oil spill response equipment manufacturers and turbidity curtains.

Sediment control is a practice or device, like those made by oil spill response equipment manufacturers, designed to keep eroded soil on a construction site. This is done to make sure that it does not wash off the site and cause water pollution to a nearby stream, river, lake, or sea. Sediment controls are usually employed together with erosion controls, which are designed to prevent or minimize erosion and thus reduce the need for sediment controls. A turbidity curtain, also commonly referred to as a turbidity barrier, silt barrier or a silt curtain, is used to contain sediment and silt that is stirred up by construction activities taking place near or in bodies of water and by dredging operations. A turbidity barrier is also effective in controlling the release of organics like oil into the water column, which at concentrated levels can be toxic to marine life.

Though you might not realize it since the majority of oil spills that are shown on the news are of a more epic scale, smaller construction jobs can also produce dangerous oil spills. Oil penetrates into the structure of the plumage of birds and the fur of mammals, reducing its insulating ability, and making them more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and much less buoyant in the water. Animals that rely on scent to find their babies or mothers fade away due to the strong scent of the oil. This causes a baby to be rejected and abandoned, leaving the babies to starve and eventually die. Oil can impair a bird’s ability to fly, preventing it from foraging or escaping from predators.

Cleanup and recovery from an oil spill is difficult and depends upon many factors, including the type of oil spilled, the temperature of the water which affects evaporation and biodegradation, and the types of shorelines and beaches involved in the spill. Investing in items like a turbidity curtain so that you do not have to find oil spill response equipment manufacturers can help you save money and the environment.

When choosing a turbidity barrier or turbidity curtain, you should also consider various job site factors and conditions. Because of the fact that turbidity curtains are not to be used across flowing watercourses and are only intended for use in calm waters, you will need to look for other options if these are the elements you have to deal with.

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