Five Styles to Rock With a Floral Print Dress

Wrap dress

Many people think that they have to match their wardrobe to the season: earth tones in autumn, bright colors in summer and so on. But what they do not realize is how you can flash the same styles all year long as long as you know how to mix it up a bit in the details. A floral print dress can go a long way, as long as you know what you are doing. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind when choosing an outfit based on what time of year it is.

Autumn: floral print dress, boots and jean jacket.

Fall is really the season of color, so show it off with a nice burst of red, orange and yellow on your wrap dress. Brown boots complete the earth-tone look, and the jean jacket works a nice touch of sky blue into your personal decor. Of course, you can always accessorize with bracelets and necklaces and cool leafy earrings, too.

Winter: floral print dress, black leggings, boots and a baggy sweater.

I know, I know, an old-man sweater over a dress? But hear me out. Pick a simple, dark color that plays off the floral patterns on your dress and let the leggings round out the look. The dark colors will make the flowers pop, transforming your outfit from a snowy costume to an eye-grabbing canvass of colors. Your style should not have to hibernate, so show it off!

Spring: floral print dress, sneakers and a cardigan.

Hooray, the snow is gone! But it still might be muddy and dirty on the ground, so wear comfy sneakers but be careful when wearing white. The cardigan will keep your shoulders warm from the breeze and your dress will match the blooming flowers at every step. This is just practice, though, for the big game in the following season.

Summer: floral print dress, flip flops and sunglasses.

This is it. This is what you have been working for all winter long. The sun feels great on your skin after two long seasons without it, so make sure to show all the skin you can to soak it up. This simple outfit is great for days at the beach as well as days in the park. Bring the sunglasses for an extra burst of cute when it starts getting super bright outside.

Of course, your style is your style. Wear whatever you want! Wear what looks good on you. Then again, you can never go wrong with a simple floral print dress, a true outfit for all seasons. Get more here:

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