How is a Cruise Ship Not Like a Cargo Ship?

Cargo vessel parts

There is a great deal of difference between cargo vessel parts and equipment and cruise vessel parts and equipment. For one thing, the parts of a vessel cargo ship are created with maximum efficiency in mind. This is not true in regards to cruise ship parts. Though an ocean liner is certainly luxurious, its parts are not made to be very efficient, unlike cargo vessel parts. In a bid to attract tourists, modern cruise ships have sacrificed seaworthiness for added amenities to cater to tourists. The vacation cruise industry is a major driver of tourism dollars, accounting for $29.4 billion globally in 2011, and catering to 19 million passengers that same year.

Ocean liners must use a lot of fuel to get from point A to point B. Cruise ships require enclosed weatherproof decks to protect passenger from inclement weather and a vast array of cabins the purpose of which are to house the greatest number of passengers possible. For ships with cargo vessel parts, this is not the case. In contrast to cargo vessel parts, cruise ship parts are made with mass consumption in mind. The crew and passengers on a cruise ship eat, on average, 20,000 pounds of beef, 28,000 eggs, 8,000 gallons of ice cream, and 18,000 slices of pizza during a single week! It goes without saying that the crew of a cargo ship consumes much less food in the same time period.

Cargo vessel parts are designed with efficiency as a top property. Whereas dedicated transport ocean liners complete “line voyages” that typically transport passengers from place to place rather than on round trip voyages, cargo vessel parts must work in conjunction with one another to permit transportation from one destination to the next and back. It follows that a cargo vessel must have a large supply of cargo vessel parts on board at all times. As well, cargo vessel parts, unlike cruise ship parts, must be interchangeable.

Having adequate nutritional provisions on board is, of course, necessary for both cargo ships and cruise ships. However, it is far more crucial that this be the case for cruise ships because there are so many passengers who must be fed. In contrast, there are no cargo vessel parts specifically designed to allot for this level of mass consumption. This is a major difference between cargo vessel parts and cruise ship parts. Find out more about this topic here:

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