Self Service Moves Offer Convenient, Inexpensive Alternatives

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Did you know that divorce, torn families, failing careers, and sick family members motivate most moves? It should come as no surprise, then, that moving can be “one of the most disruptive events in a child’s life,” according to Ohio State University professor Dr. Arlen Fulton. Get a handle on the adult responsibilities of moving, and free up time to focus on children when they need it most. How can you confidently take charge of moving responsibilities?

Pack Ahead

Getting a head start on packing, especially for long distance moves. Start with weeks to go, and break packing down into manageable chunks of time. Try packing one room at a time, for example, whenever possible. Packing ahead will also free you up to do some house cleaning. Donate unused items to charity, or host a garage sale to help fund long distance moving costs.

When packing and hiring a long distance moving company, make sure to consider all of your options. A growing number of moving companies are offering non-traditional, self service moves. How do these work? Most companies drop off a moving container, and leave it up to you to pack, or fill it. When you finish packing the storage unit, call the moving company back (or schedule a time), and they will transport the container for you. Self service, or “You Pack” moves, afford movers the luxury of time (you are free to pack the container as quickly, or as slowly, as you like), and most are cheaper than more conventional moves.

Start a Moving Binder

Popular television series, including Friends and How I Met Your Mother, feature wedding binders. Moves can be similarly complicated, and many movers start a moving binder to help keep track of progress and expenses. Stow receipts, estimates, a checklist of items to pack, a list of packing materials, and all in one, convenient place, or, in other words, in your moving binder.

Take care of all adult moving responsibilities to free up time for the most important members of your family, your children. Pack ahead, consider all options when hiring a long distance moving company, and stay organized with a convenient moving binder.

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