How Much Do You Spend on Dog Food a Month?

Dog food coupon

Have you taken the time to calculate out how much you pay in dog food on a monthly basis? I wouldn’t do it without sitting down first, and maybe have a paper bag readily available in case you begin to hyperventilate. Moral of the story: dog food can get pretty expensive. But it does not have to be. Here’s how.

  • Do I Need Dog Food Coupons?
  • The answer is yes. You need coupons for anything that you can find, whether it’s a car wash, a box of cereal, or dog food. In these unstable economic times, you need to be saving as much money on groceries as you can. So any little bit counts.

    But there may be instances that it is more crucial to be saving money on dog food than others. If your dog has food allergies or a sensitive stomach, this can require you to buy medicated, or fancier (i.e. pricier) foods.

    Or, if you just want to make sure that your dog eats better food than what the average brands have to offer, the healthier brands filled with better ingredients are going to be more expensive as well.

  • Where Do I Find Dog Food Coupons?
  • Anywhere and everywhere. You can find at least one, if not a half dozen, every Sunday in the bundle of coupons that come in the Sunday paper. You can also find free printable dog food coupons online, at your brand-of-choice’s website.

    Nearly every single dog food company has their coupons online. It may not be every week, but if you balance between the internet and the Sunday paper, you should always have one in hand at the grocery store.

  • What If My Brand Does Not Have Dog Food Coupons?
  • Sometimes, most often with the more expensive, fancier brands of dog food, you will find that there are no coupons to be had. But do not fret, because some of them offer other rewards programs. Some of them allow you to input the UPC codes from bought bags to save up for a buy ten, get one free deal, or even earn points from the UPCS to buy things.

Now you do not have to take out a small loan to buy your poor pooches dog food. If you can plan ahead and do your research to find some coupons, you will never buy a bag of dog food at full price ever again. Your dog deserves the best, but you deserve a break sometimes too.

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