How to Afford Good Day Care

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By age three, toddlers have developed approximately 1,000 trillion connections between their brain cells in her brain. This is twice the number of cell connections in the average adult. Kids are primed to learn and explore, which is why strong early childhood education is so important. Most parents believe that good child care is necessary for their children, but you may not know that academic researchers also agree with this notion. A number of well designed research studies have concluded that a good early childhood education program provides children with the kinds of social and cognitive skills they will need to become responsible citizens that give back to their communities.

Finding good early childhood education programs can be difficult for many reasons. The main one is that high quality early childhood education programs are expensive, and nine tenths of all early childhood education costs are come directly out of the pockets of parents. The average cost of an early childhood education program for a family with two young children is actually higher than the typical rent payments in all states in the country as reported by Child Care Aware of America. For most Americans, early childhood education programs are not within economic reach. This is especially true for families where there is more than one child of preschool age at a time, and in single parent and low income families.

However, there are some daycare tips for parents that may help them find ways of lowering early childhood education costs. Parents should first check with their employers to see if the organizations they work for offer daycare subsidies. As well, sometimes the actual early childhood education program itself provides scholarships to low and middle income families. It is always worth it to ask about this because sometimes these scholarships are not widely publicized.
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