Trendy, Comfortable Furniture Awaits You at Theodore’s

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In medieval times, primarily noblemen or those in the upper echelons of society, most notable in the form of thrones, used chairs. Those deemed lower class were forced to either stand for the duration of a meeting or gathering or sit on the floor. If you were lucky, you may get the comfort of sitting perched on a backless stool. Thank goodness we don’t live in olden times anymore and we have evolved into a mass culture that let’s just about everyone, and everything if you love your pets, sit on the furniture.

No one is excluded from the comforts of casual seating these days. Of course, this is great news for modern furniture architects who make it their sole mission to sell quality custom furniture pieces to those who enjoy sitting and reclining. Can you imagine a world where you welcome guests to your home only to make them sit on the floor or stand the whole time? How absurd!

Getting wise to the idea of allowing people to sit in comfort and style is the Upper Georgetown Washington, DC contemporary furniture DC store Theodores, which specializes in quality home furnishings. Theodores, which opened in 1969, has been providing customers home decor and modern style furniture with the best design, quality and value. This DC modern furniture store boasts a 10,000 square foot showroom, highlighting European and domestic home furnishings. Customers are free to browse Theodores showroom in person to peruse hundreds of accents and furnishings and are also encouraged to shop online at to find products for sleeping, dining, eating, flooring, walls and space decorating.

When people shop for unique collections and one of a kind pieces of affordable modern furniture, it gives their home or living space fresh perspective and really captures the spirit and style of the owner. Everyone wants to be recognized for their outstanding tastes in modern style furniture. When you stand, or sit out, from the crowd, you can be proud. That’s probably why royalty or influential people used to make everyone else sit on the floor! Having great furniture elevates you and gives you a feeling of importance and gives you the satisfaction in your home’s appearance that you deserve. Furniture and accents at Theodores has been helping customers stand out for more than 40 years. Find out how modern style furniture from Theodores can lift your spirits today! Good references here:

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