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Thousands of car accidents occur every year. Insurance companies are constantly receiving claims from drivers. In fact, the average drive submits a claim at least once every 18 years. That might seem like a low number, but if you consider that more than 255 million cars are on the road at any given time in America, the chances of an accident are considerably high. While most claims deal with common problems like vandalism, animal collision, and fender benders, serious crashes and accident do happen fairly often. Auto insurance companies continue to offer multiple plans to cover all of these incidents and more.

By doing a search online, you can get instant car insurance quotes. These companies give you auto insurance rates base on your driving history, the type of car you have, and your credit history. Your credit scores directly affect the kind of rate you get according to Kelley Blue Book. You can contact these companies directly to speak with an agent to see how this could affect you. Keep in mind that the cheapest car insurance quotes might not give you the most coverage. Insurance agents can also give you quotes on package insurance deals that include collision, homeowners and life insurance. Since the average American spends about 2 percent of their annual income on homeowners insurance, find out if you can get a discount by buying comprehensive insurance.

Ask insurance agents specific questions to find out which insurance plan works best for you and your family. The average amount recommended for collision insurance in the U.S. is $50,000, but this may not true for you. Work with them to figure out exactly how much homeowners insurance you need and ask for the cheapest auto insurance quote. Once you have checked with multiple companies, compare insurance quotes and what each one covers. Instant car insurance quotes will not always give you the most accurate information. Do your research, know what you are looking for, and you can easily find discount auto insurance. Continue reading here:

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