Marketing Mistakes Roofing Contractors Must Avoid – Awkward Family Photos

Ractors are skilled people with a remarkable job of making homes safe and secure. In regards to marketing, they’re less knowledgeable. Here are some of the things you should avoid as an roofing contractor.

The name you choose should be one that sticks with people and is distinct against the other brands. Although your first instinct might be to go with your initials or family name, it’s better in a marketing sense to think more creatively about how your brand can be called.

Roofers can also perform siding and other exterior jobs on behalf of their customers, and they may use “exteriors” in their business name. If you’re hoping for more roofing jobs it’s better to use the term “roofing” instead of “exteriors”. It will be contingent on what kind of work your business wants to undertake.

Another common error in marketing is the tendency to market more than one product. Be a pro in your productand then gradually increase your expertise over time. However, you should focus on depth not breadth, initially.

Not taking into consideration online reviews is a second wrong choice when contracting. Clients will research the company before making a purchase. Even bad reviews will get you ignored by potential clients. A lack of reviews, whether good or not can turn off potential customers.

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