Pros and Cons of Public and Private Schools – Family Picture Ideas

in private schools. Some times, students in public schools might achieve better results than students attending charter schools. While it is factual that not all schools will yield top-quality results, there are numerous reasons. Poor students make up an increased percentage.

While a lot of people believe that the learning conditions and the quality of education is poor in schools that are public, it’s definitely not as bad as they claim One of the factors that contributes to such a situation is that schools have been able to accommodate every student in the system. That’s why the majority of parents choose to attend public schools for their primary option.

The drawbacks of public Schools

Similar to private schools face disadvantages, so too do public schools. The most important disadvantages of public schools is the size of classes. This results in less individualized time and attention. It can cause children to lose interest in educational programs. Public schools also have limited access to technological and educational materials. Most books are not up to date.

The problem of violence and bullying in public Schools . The problem of violence and bullying is common in public schools. The issue of bullying in schools that are public is among the flaws which make private schools more effective in the context of the pros and cons between private and public schools. About 28% of students who are between the ages of eight to twelve suffer from bullying in public schools. The bullying takes place on the school grounds. This can be difficult for teachers to spot this kind of behavior due to the increased number of students. It can also lead to student attacks with guns. These issues associated with the public education system are mostly due to the an overpopulation. It is not just about how many people live in the area.


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