Home Plumbing Explained – Diy Index


It’s easy to understand the basics. The main two components that make up the system of plumbing are simple to understand when you are able to supply clean water to the home and the disposal of waste away from the house.

The main valve can be found in the front of the house and permits water to flow into your house if there’s a connection with the water supply system of your municipality. The water is then piped to your hot water tank where it gets heated, before it is pumped out to the faucets and sinks in your bathtubs, taps, wash machines, and toilets. Your water supply is from the well. It will be connected to the mains water line for your house.

The wastewater is then disposed of through several pipes that are bent downwards. This ensures easy transport of wastewater to the sewer management plant of the city or to a private sewer tank. This process requires many traps as well as vents to allow for efficient waste removal. Vent pipes help take waste away from your house and remove odors. Check out the video above to get a thorough explanation as well as a an illustration of the way this process works.

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