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Toothaches require the attention of dentists in order to alleviate pain and tackle the root of the issue.

Are you looking for missing teeth?

If you experience a tooth crack your tooth, you have an injured tooth. It is known as a cracked tooth. This is sometimes referred to as cracked tooth syndrome (CTS). Sometime, the damage is minimal but harmless. It could be a crack or split in your teeth.

Dental displacement or luxation

In cases of trauma, for example, a fall, affects the ligaments and tissues as well as the bone that supports a tooth, tooth luxation develops. It is possible that tooth luxation could affect the blood supply as well as nerves of the tooth. A tooth that is impacted that has been removed from the socket due to looseness bent or twisted.

Lost or avulsed tooth

The most frequent trauma is the loss of one’s tooth. It’s important to act swiftly to make sure that your chances of recovering is maximized. The loss of a tooth is a common dental issue that requires prompt consultation with dental professionals.

Tooth Infection

Even a tooth infection might cause a dental emergency. The tooth infection could result in a tooth abscess, a pus-filled pocket due to a bacterial condition. If it is not treated, your disease could progress into important health issues that could infiltrate your gums , and eventually destroying nerve connections in your jaw.

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