What to Expect During the Detox Process – Rad Center

Health professionals talk about the facets of detoxing and the kind of treatment patients should expect. Detoxing is a process that allows the body to be free of its dependence on the substance or drugs. The withdrawal signs include irritation, flu-like symptoms, vomiting and nausea, fatigue, pain in the body, headaches and so on.

The medical team can provide remedies to treat these signs in particular for patients who are dependent to depressants, opiates such as benzos or alcohol, as well as many other different substances. The initial symptoms and signs usually show up shortly after the first use of the substance. They are most noticeable on the third or fourth day. The symptoms should diminish within a week. However, the detox period can differ for different people. It can take months to complete their detox yet addiction remains treatable and treatable. When detoxing, doctors advise a rehabilitation program that will help the patient continue their path to recovery.


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