What Happens During Paintless Dent Repair – CEE News

Dent removal requires reshaping of the surface of the bodywork without using paint for repairing dents in vehicles. It involves massaging by pressing the dent until it is eliminate it. Take a look the process of PDR dent removal looks like.

An auto technician begins the process of repair by lighting the affected area with LED or fluorescent light. The lighting of the damaged region allows them to work with precision. The technician carefully massages the damaged panel on the inside with body picks and roads. In order to bring the panel back to its condition prior to damage This process must be repeated several times.

This method of dent removal is perfect for cars whose paintwork is not scratched or cracked. It’s also less costly and faster than the conventional way of repairing dents, which is the complete replacement of the body or a crack repair. It is an excellent method to repair dents on antique automobiles. This repair fixes the problem and preserves the value of the car. Want a visual illustration of how to do an unpainted dent repair? You can watch the entire instruction by clicking on the link below.


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